Affiliate Program

CBD sales are at an all time high throughout the nation.  Everyone is asking the question – how do I get in?  How do I get a piece of the pie?  Well look no further, the premier CBD Affiliate Program is only a few clicks away!  With the highest commission payout in the industry, MLife Organics is at the top of the list when it comes to choosing a company to represent as an affiliate.  Affiliates are widely spread throughout every industry and almost every company in the world.  Making extra money for you and your family is as easy as sharing a website link with a friend or someone you know and having them access our online shopping cart.  Any customer that comes to our site from your link and purchases a product, will result in you being paid out a commission of 20% of the profits!


Many CBD companies in the industry will offer anywhere from 10-15% of the sale profit.  They generate more sales from you sharing their company’s name and products, and you generate income for yourself by pushing their items as well.  It’s a win-win situation.

MLife Organics has the highest commission in the industry currently at 20%, and has a handsome bonus package for top affiliates.

You need to beware of companies that have a “hold” on transaction payouts.  And also be aware of how long they say your “cookie” will last for paying customers.


MLife Organics is something often overlooked by many.  However, is the most important factor in building a residual income you can count on. 

Most companies offer a 15 day cookie, meaning if someone purchases from your link the first time, that counts as Day 1.  If they come back and purchase again within that 15 day period, you will get credit for those sales as well. 

But once Day 16 arrives, you are no longer getting credit for that same customer’s purchases unless they re-access the site through your affiliate link once again.  By that time, most people are going back to the site by just typing in the web address, which does not give you credit unless tracked through your designated cookie.

Once again, MLife Organics takes the cake on this issue by providing lifetime cookies for all of their affiliates!  The only company in the industry to go this route, and they have received raving reviews because of it.

Sign Up. Get Clicks. Get Paid. It’s that Simple.

The retail market surrounding CBD is set to grow to $22 Billion by 2020!