About Us

MLife Organics is a family owned and operated company with over 10 years experience within the Hemp and CBD industry. Our team also has vast experience in the medical, health, retail, and e-commerce fields. Together we want to educate the world on the benefits of all things hemp and the healing power of CBD when pure and safe.

The vast majority of retailers selling CBD are just drop shipping companies with little or no knowledge of what they are selling. We are probably one of the few retail brick and mortar stores with a full product line from the most reputable Top CBD companies available on the market today. We only sell and ship products that we first test and take into our inventory for inspection and COA verification.

We hand pack and triple check every order for accuracy and product integrity. Plus we have a live customer service number to help you through all of your questions and to make recommendations based on your specific needs.

We saw a need for a healthy environment to get CBD. We are taking CBD shopping experience to the next level. We are a boutique style experience store a place where healthy lifestyle individuals and even their mothers, grandfathers, entire families could go to get ALL THINGS HEMP! 

One place where you can go to compare products and ask questions and get reliable answers from CBD experts. Our vast product line includes: Beauty products and Super Foods, CBD tinctures and topicals, CBD water, drinks, coffees and teas, CBD for Pets, Intimacy products and even hemp clothes.

Our store is a place to congregate and educate. And along with our state of the art e-commerce site, anyone in the world can have access to hemp education and safe and pure CBD products. Know what you are buying. Be confident in what you are taking. MLife Organics will forever stand by this promise: We will only carry the trustworthy brands with 3rd party testing COA’s to back them up, Guaranteed!