Improving Your Yoga Experience With CBD

Moving from a hectic workday into a calming yoga class can be a difficult transition. Thoughts still lingering in your mind from the hectic day don’t mesh with the stillness you’re trying to achieve as you silently sit on your yoga mat, waiting for the teacher to arrive and begin the class. What if you could seamlessly flow from high-intensity work to the quiet world of meditation and yoga with ease? Getting in touch with your true self can be made simpler when you add CBD to your yoga routine – we’re here to help show you how to achieve this smooth passage from mental stress to mental cohesion. 
Pre-Yoga Prep 
Natural CBD Oil 1000mg
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There are a few CBD-infused tricks that can transform your yoga practice from a simple “going through the motions” experience to a positive alteration of the mind and body’s alignment through movement. These are the mental spaces that elevate your yoga experience and help you reach new heights in the practice. Getting to that state takes time, but we found a product that will gently hold your hand as you take on the practice for the day. We discovered that CBD tinctures are a wonderful addition to your yoga routine, and they can even be enjoyed before your practice commences. The reason why? We have found it gives your mind something delicious to ponder, while helpfully creating intentions you may want to keep with you for class on that particular day. The supporting ingredients are the main reason this takes place. The truth is that MCT oil, a main ingredient in our tinctures, is proven to stimulate brain correspondence! We’ll need all the extra brain health we can get as we move into our yoga flow!
Beyond CBD tinctures, another great way to center yourself is intentional breathing – though we do have to say, pairing these two together allows you to create a beautiful duet of harmony within yourself. The idea behind this is that when you stop and focus on your breath, the world around you quiets down and you enter your own “cocoon” of sorts. Focusing on what your mind and body are feeling, while simultaneously forcing outside thoughts to vacate your brain and free up room for clarity, is a habit all people can develop and incorporate into their lives, no matter where they are. I mean, why not try it for two minutes as you sit at your office desk – you deserve a break anyway!

Flow State: Activated

As you pull into the parking lot to your yoga studio, take a moment to focus on breathing, and once you’ve finished doing that, reach for a serving of tincture. The delicious flavor is only the cherry on top. These pure tinctures are additive-free and act as a guide toward the clear-mindedness that is necessary for the practice. As you walk into your studio and check in, you will notice that your feeling of being centered begins even before the class, since you already eliminated much of the pre-yoga stress. Walking into class, you are more in-tune with yourself. This leads to the observance of the overall body. Now, you walk into yoga class already knowing how you are feeling and will have the opportunity to alert your instructor of any comfort issues you might be experiencing. It gives you the chance to ask them to assist you throughout the practice, which can be a lifesaver and can act as a preventative measure against possible injuries. 
Maintaining focus in your yoga experience, with guidance from the MCT oil, can allow you to reach new heights that may not have crossed your mind on that particular day if not for the incredible oil. You may not have thought to do some upper-level poses if you had been out of touch with your inner self that day. Inwardly monitoring your body to know what limits can be pushed for the day’s practice allows for an expansion of progress you never knew could come so early, thus heightening your yoga experience and creating a steep advancement in your practice. Namaste. 

CBD for yoga


CBD Massage Oil – Rejuvediol
Leaving the yoga session, you begin feeling brand new – it’s one of the many reasons you keep coming back to the mat. A side effect from all of this yoga is possible dry skin from the heat in the room, especially if you choose to practice hot yoga. The dry flakiness does not symbolize the divine human that you are – there needs to be an outward link to the healthy skin and inner-gleam that radiates from you. The solution to this is one that’s been called on for centuries: oil! It’s the most organic way to amplify your skin’s glow and diminish the bleakness that comes from heat when coming into contact with the skin. 
Wanting replenished skin is reasonable, which is why we designed our CBD massage oil for this very use. It is a beautiful oil that is infused with 150mg of CBD and 15 different organic oils. Some of the oils included are Jojoba, Ylang Ylang and Evening Primrose. Rubbing massage oil over your skin will allow you to also get in touch with yourself. If you take some time to massage it in with intention, carefully watching every detail and admiring your amazing body that does so much for you on a daily basis, this too can turn into a sort of meditative practice. There are many reasons to apply this massage oil to your skin, as the act of consciously massaging your skin has been known to reduce stress and improve muscle tension!

Goodnight Yogi

It’s always surprising how after one class you can sometimes feel fatigued, while on other days you feel so refreshed. Your state of mind after a class almost always varies – it would be spectacular if, for once, you had a dependable mood post-practice. That’s the thing though; the class brings up hidden feelings that you’d put off until you came into a more centered state of mind, which then allowed you to decipher and deal with them. Though it is great to be energetic, sometimes it can be the worst feeling when you have to come home from a late-night yoga session and find yourself teeming with newfound energy. This is especially rough when it prevents you from being able to sleep at the end of the day. We have the perfect fit for you: Melatonin gummies will be your new best friend when you come back home after a long day of work and yoga. You may already be tired, but in order to get the job done with certainty, add a 10mg serving of CBD and 5mg of Melatonin and allow the gummies to lull you into a deep sleep as you lay your head on your pillow and close your eyes. Goodnight, Yogi! Sweet dreams.
Improving your yoga practice can be as simple as adding three organic CBD products. You will be in awe at how deep your yoga experience becomes. A new practice leads to a new inner peace that is now free to fully bloom.

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